PAC Oneprox GS3 Low Frequency Mullion Reader
PAC Oneprox GS3 Low Frequency Standard Reader
PAC Oneprox GS3 Low Frequency Vandal Resistant Reader - yellow & black
PAC KeyPAC solo - Standard Black - without cards
TDSi Prox and pin standalone reader - mullion
TDSi Stand Alone Square Reader with Keypad
Paxton UK Backbox Adaptor - P75 series
Paxton Long Range Reader
Paxton Proximity Reader - P200
Paxton Metal Mount Proximity Reader - P200
Paxton Compact Relay Module - Pack of 5
Paxton Reader Port Connector - Pack of 5
Paxton Proximity Vandal Proof Compact Reader
Paxton Proximity Reader - P38
Paxton Proximity Compact Reader - P38
Paxton Proximity Reader - P50
Paxton Proximity Compact Reader - P50
Paxton Proximity Keypad - KP50
Paxton Proximity Architectural Reader - Matt black
Paxton Proximity Architectural Reader - Gunmetal grey
Paxton Proximity Architectural Reader - Satin chrome
Paxton Architectural Reader Insert - Stone
Paxton Architectural Reader Insert - Glass
Paxton Proximity backbox reader - MIFARE
Paxton Proximity Reader - P75
Paxton Proximity Reader with Screw Connector - P75
Paxton Proximity Compact Reader - P75
Paxton Proximity Keypad - KP75
Paxton Proximity Keypad with Screw Connector - KP75
Paxton Proximity Panel Mount Reader
Paxton Proximity Metal Reader - Chrome
Paxton Proximity Metal Reader - Satin Chrome
Paxton CARDLOCK Reader - Satin Chrome
Paxton Proximity Hands-free Interface - Plastic housing
Paxton Proximity Marine Reader
Paxton Proximity Vandal Proof Reader
Paxton Energy Saving Reader
Paxton Easyprox Compact Reader
Genie Card Reader & Controller with LCD touchscreen
Genie Bluetooth enabled Biometric and Card Terminal
ACT proximity reader - MIFARE
Codelocks A3 RFID Standalone Door Controller
CDVI Self-Contained Long Range reader
Comelit Simplekey Basic Reader for iKall panels
ICS Standalone Keypad and Proximity Reader
ICS Standalone Keypad and Proximity Reader with Bluetooth
ICS Standalone Proximity Reader
ICS Standalone Reader Programmer and 10 tokens
Videx Low Profile Standalone Proximity Reader
Videx MiAccess Surface Mount 12vDC Proximity Reader - Black
Videx MiAccess Surface Mount Standalone 12vDC Proximity Reader - Silver
Vanderbilt Proximity Reader, mullion mount
Genie Water Resistant Keypad with Built-in Reader and Controller - Single Door