STI Fire Extinguisher Stopper
STI Wireless Fire Extinguisher Stopper
Alpro Indicator Plate 12vDC - No legend
Alpro Vandal Resistant SSS 12vDC Button - No legend
Alpro Vandal Resistant Button & LED 12vDC with Legend
CQR Mini Buzzer
RGL Disabled call for assitance alarm
RGL Call for Assistance Control Panel Unit
RGL Indicator Light Unit
RGL Pull Cord Unit
CDVI 60cm armoured door loop
CDVI Concealed Door Loop
CDVI Self Adhesive 'Automatic Door' Sign
CDVI Self Adhesive 'Keep clear' Sign
CDVI Keyswitch for Digiway Door Operator - Flush mount
CDVI Keyswitch for Digiway Door Operator - Surface mount
CDVI 30cm Armoured Door Loop
CDVI 60cm Armoured Door Loop
CDVI 45cm Door Loop
Dantech 2 door interlock
Dantech 3 door Normally Free Interlock
KAC Detector base sounder 12/24VDC 4 tone white body & lid
ICS Surface Mount Armoured Door Loop 40cm
ICS Armoured Door Loop
ICS Concealed Door Loop 29cm
ICS Spring door loop ICS (350S) 40cm
ICS Door loop, surface, 85cm
RGL White document box with lockable front
Elmdene Lockable document box
Elmdene 30cm door loop with 6 core flexible tinsel cable - Brown
ICS Euro Profile Keyswitch Case Only Maintained
ICS Euro Profile Keyswitch Case Only Momentary
CQR Flush mount contact
CQR Flush mount contact - Brown
CQR Multi Resistor Grade 2 quick fit flush contact
CQR Grade 3 20mm flush contact in white
CQR Door Contact Flush Metal Flange
CQR Flush contact 4 core - white
CQR Heavy Duty Angled Magnetic Grade 2 Contact
Alpro Interlock Control Board
ICS 2 Door Interlock Module
KAC Single pole maintained 2 position keyswitch - green - printed 1 & 0. Plain
ICS Single Gang Maintained Standard Keyswitch
ICS Maintained keyswitch double pole
ICS Key for KS001 keyswitch - key number 606
ICS Narrow style maintained keyswitch
ICS 3 Position Narrow Style Key Switch - Maintained
ICS Single Gang Momentary Standard Keyswitch
ICS Key for the KS002 keyswitch - key number 126
ICS Narrow style momentary keyswitch
ICS 3 Position Key Switch - Maintained
ICS Euro Narrow Style Key Switch with LED's - Maintained
CQR Roller shutter door contact, heavy duty
CQR Heavy Duty Roller Shutter Contact Grade 3
CQR 1 reed 5 terminal surface contact white
CQR Multi resistor Grade 2 surface contact with terminal block
CQR White Large Surface Contact Grade 3, 6 terminals
CQR Multi resistor Grade 2 or 3 large surface contact
Sticky feet size A 1/8th fixing hole - bag of 20
ICS Voltage Reducing Unit 24Vdc to 12Vdc
CQR 12v internal white sounder 110d/b
CQR Piccolo Internal Sounder White Blue G3
CQR S100 dual white piezo sounder 12v
CQR Alto White Extension Speaker With Tamper
ICS red & green door indicator light unit
ICS red & green door indicator light unit
Elmdene Exit alarm sounder