Brexit Statement·01/01/2021

Whilst our main line of business is supplying goods within the UK and dealing with partners in the UK, a lot of manufacturers import goods and components from all around the world.

We still maintain communication with all of our partners regarding the supply of goods and pricing. We are maintaining our stock levels, but with shipments being delayed at ports up and down the country, we are seeing increased lead times on some goods, meaning stock levels may be affected, which we are of course trying to avoid. Levels of stock are continuously being monitored to prevent unnecessary delays where we can.

As I’m sure you are aware, the rules surrounding Brexit and importing/exporting is rather a grey area. With customs duties on goods dependent upon commodity codes and country of origin, it is difficult to know the landed cost of products until they reach the UK. Currently, with a majority of the manufacturers we deal having a UK base, we do not have to directly pay import duties, but as things develop over the coming months, we may see some changes in prices and supply, which we will keep you informed of as and when we get notifications from our suppliers.

The exception to the above is HID Global. Before Brexit, HID moved their warehouse to Southern Ireland, meaning anything we now purchase is classed as an import and requires customs clearance and import duties. As such, we have been given no alternative but to increase the prices on the HID product range to maintain supply of the goods and keep them sustainable to the business. Currently, we have seen goods being held with the import duties reaching over 20% of the product value, but this is a very fluid situation and may change.

With regards to exporting, we ship to Northern and Southern Ireland and also to the Channel Islands. Although Northern Ireland is still part of the UK, there are new rules surrounding business receivers which you will need to be aware of. We will send parcels with a commercial invoice and we will require your EORI number before we ship to you. More information can be found here -

Southern Ireland and Channel Island deliveries are shipping as normal, along with a commercial invoice. You must be aware that we ship under DAP (Delivered At Place) Incoterms via DPD, so any import duties and/or taxes will be payable and declared by you.

With the process of Brexit happening over 3 stages (January 1st - March 31st, April 1st – June 30th and July 1st onward), rules surrounding import/export in and out of the EU and Northern Ireland may change. We aim to keep up to date with further information and supplier news as it happens and will keep you updated.

Times are certainly trying at the moment, but we’d like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and continued support and we continue to strive to do our very best for you.

Brexit Statement·11/10/2020

The latest Brexit deadline is looming.

Advanced Access Ltd as a specialist access control Distributor supplies product from many manufacturers originating from both within the existing EU and externally to the EU.

As such we are in the hands of our manufacturers and have been communicating with them for their input and guidance regarding any preparations they wish to, or are able to make.

What is the possible impact?

Depending on the outcome of Brexit:

  • For products manufactured within the EU there may be increased lead times and increased costs due to customs processing and taxes/duties for UK customers.
  • For products manufactured outside the EU, there may be increased lead times due to customs delays as a result of a no deal Brexit along with cost changes due to adverse currency exchange rates in reaction to a no deal Brexit.

However, these outcomes cannot be known until the means of which Britain will exit the European Union is finalised.
We will of course communicate with you once the outcome is known and we understand the detail of any impact on our business service levels.